Halo Halo Village 1 year anniversary///Fleshtone Aura LP release

halo halo village 1 year anniversary///fleshtone aura LP release


MARCH 16 | 8PM
208 Christie St., side door
Tea Ceremony & Gongs begin at 8pm
Dinner served at 8:30pm
Set 1 at 9pm
i n t e r m i s s i o n
Set 2 at 9:45pm

$25 per patron
((((( 30 limited tickets available )))))
Special Village Dinner+++Custom Handmade Cushion+++ A Collage Cocktail
Solo performance by Fleshtone Aura
Exploding Motor Car (Projections)
Luis Hernandez (Projections)
Amelia Ehrhardt (Dance)
Stacey Sproule (Culinary Creations )
Shouty (The Cat)
Jepoy Garcia (Host & Environment)
& Pleasence Records

To reserve tickets email:

You will receive a confirmation email with your
ticket number and times/location to purchase tickets

RSVP BY: March 14








more andrwe

Hot Dog Poster

First off - I have some print/paintings hanging up at the new London (Ontario) hot spot/cultural hub Hot Dog, run by the magnanimous tag team Pam and Mike. They should be up for a little while longer - so if you're in the area..........

hot dog store view Big Print/Painting


Secondly, I should mention, that Alia O'Brien and myself have completed our second collaborative soundtrack work that is premiering this week at the Rhubarb Festival. The soundtrack is for the Birdtown and Swanville play Settlers, which is the first instalment in Aurora's singular 17th century ghost story. For this instalment, Alia and I crafted a typically spooky soundscape replete with ghostly organ flourishes, creaking trees and exaggerated wind gusts... If you don't want to try and imagine it then you can listen to the preliminary sketch posted below - or better yet - go and see the play.

Mayan Cosmology Chart

Also - i didn't bother mentioning it before because I hadn't seen it - but there is also some work by Exploding Motor Car in the Royal Ontario Museum as part of their Mayan exhibit. If you happen to be there you may or may not recognize the handiwork, but to give you a clue, there are two pieces of animation and an interactive touchscreen thing. I don't have any documentation of any of this, sorry! But I've posted a "wet" version of the soundtrack below.

Silkscreened Show tickets

One last thing... I'm very excited to announce that we've finally been able to land a show at the newly installed Jun Jun Village at 374 College street. If you haven't seen this place before, you should really consider passing by next time you're doing your rounds. The outside is unmissable - a giant beer bottle made to look like it's emptying its contents into a giant glass. But inside is like a crazy Vietnamese disco with tropical murals and ceaseless laser-light activity. The gaudiness is unprecedented. The vibes are venereal. Unfortunately, if this show is news to you, the tickets are long sold out. Limited capacity of 30... I made those tickets for the occasion.

Thursday February 23rd/ 9pm
Jun Jun Village (374 College st.)

Gastric Female Reflex
Tenderness with Brodie West
US Girls

$12 Tickets

Preliminary Sketch for the Settlers Score. Collaboration with Alia O'Brien

Wet mix of the Mayan installation music at the Royal Ontario Museum

On Rusticated Slant LP on Pleasence now available, etc

On Rusticated SlantBook for Fleshtone Aura LP

At long last, in a process that took a lot longer than any of us could have anticipated, the first Fleshtone Aura LP is ripe and ready for consumption. What we have here is an honest-to-god plate of jet black 45rpm sensations ready to be had. The record comes in a offset printed sleeve with cover art by Nikki Woolsey, hand-etched labels, risograph/photocopied 32 page book with a laser cut cover and a silkscreened insert. The music? Well it's a collection of sounds. Here is what Tadeusz Michelak had to say about it in the most recent issue of Offerings:

Andrew Zukerman of Gastric Female Reflex fame's curates an intricate & finely tuned landscape of auditory fart jokes and avant-gardism on his first LP as Fleshtone Aura. We are bombarded by the warm energy of a high speed cut & paste dance mix, as if the frantic brain of a 5 year old had been asked to make an aural layout of his attention span, or some sort of table of contents for this LP. This chaos quickly ends with the feeling that all these sounds have been simultaneously thrown off the CN Tower & are falling aimlessly through space, silent before their imminent demise. In their absence, the remaining sounds rumble & clatter in a magnitude of space, it's almost relaxing. A free jazz duet for motorcycle & percussion, gears twisting, ominous maneuvers in the dark. Sound crystalizes refracting in a house of mirrors. Piercing sine waves slice through mundanity, as this chameleon writhes at twitches. Bumping dance beats emerge out of human pauses, and carefully placed electro acoustic junk percussion. A piano note stretches into a harsh rumbling landscape of wind noise, fire crackles, scrapping metal and hushed squeals. The definitive sounds of a world post 2012 disaster.
The 2nd side opens as a 1950's joke factory soundtrack. Classic rock riffs tango with child-ish bleeps & bloops in a bird like call & response. Similar to string of great jokes or slapstick film scenes Andrew's collages gestate forward with an oddly nostalgic undertone. Abrasive screeches and sweeps lead to luscious and decadent tidbits of familiarity, unsettling, as they are comforting in their commodified environment. Something like a recapping of a horse race meets postnasal drip. The bubbling voice of Jabba the Hutt dictates some unknown message from beneath the murk. Heart warming abstractions of a human reality.

The record is available through Pleasence Records and I have some copies as well. Limited to 300. Please do listen to the samples below.


Side 1 sample

Side 2 sample

While I'm at it I'd like to acknowledge the help of Brandon Hocura at Polyphasic who mastered this recording, Nikki Woolsey for the amazing cover collage, Jesjit Gill who risograph printed the book, Steve Reaume at Toronto Laser Services who laser cut the book, Steph Davidson who let me borrow her air compressor, and of course Deirdre O'Sullivan and James Lindsay at Pleasence for making it happen.

animorphic toe

undoctored dog on mattress box

forgot to mention that you can now download a few of my albums on the mighty Free Music Archive

opponentials gunny sachel creemie bite


do people still go to shows?

Friday DECEMBER 2nd / 8pm / Halo Halo Village (208 Christie st.) / $10
=++SKIN TAGS++= [Man Made Hill/Fleshtone Aura]
//TUNE SLUDGE\\ [Schlesinger/Seeger Duo]

Sunday DECEMBER 4th / 8pm / Halo Halo Village (208 Christie st.) / $10
>!6 HEADS!<

Friday DECEMBER 9th - Sunday DECEMBER 11th / LA BRIQUE (Montreal)
---+++^^^^COOL FEST XI^^^^+++---

GASTRIC FEMALE REFLEX will be playing this epic curatorial feat brought to you by Flourescent Friends... Too many details to list - go here.

Saturday DECEMBER 17th / 9pm / Double Double Land (209 Augusta Ave.) / $5
^||^OFFERINGS^||^ presents:

The taste-making power couple over there at Healing Power have recently released another installment of the Transcendental Rodeo cassette backlog. This one's called the Magic Garden and it represents the entirety of Rodeo in it's third-trimester cosmology with over 20 members flooding the Tiki Lounge of the Tranzac. Take a look at Victoria Cheong's blog for more details.

Offerings' December issue out now

Did you know that the December issue of Offerings is out now? Cover by Seth Scriver. Grip it.

sopped frontispiece

back pain? apron

hey gang - here's a new edition for you to put in your sopping frontispiece: the Back Pain? apron; a perfect stocking stuffer for those gastronomically-minded friends and family members with insidious, crushing arthritic strain.
sorry the photo isn't really up to snuff, it's hard to find models when you're hopelessly alone haha kidding

ok and then i also made some music with beats today - just to see if i can do it and i can so here is an excerpt, i don't expect that anything will come of such material.

careless whisper of a bulldozer performing fellatio on a pack mule

faultline manuever

I've been terrible with keeping this blog up to date... don't remember when i posted last so here is an assortment of things that happened at some point kind of recently:

Bruce Peninsula - Salesman from Bruce Peninsula on Vimeo.

winston hacking and i collaborated on this bruce peninsula video once upon a time. have i posted this already? shit...

vagina bison publicity shot

i am pleased to announce that you can now listen to a vagina bison writhe and gesticulate on the radio HERE on the free music archive

what elsssssee...

"hair pins""don't"
offerings went to london (ontario) for the culture days art fair at museum london. there was a button making workshop and i got to make some with my own hair. and stuff. a bunch of us made a one-off zine called monsters which seems to be a theme with london artists - one that i can get behind to be sure...

culture days 1 day monster zine

... got to spend some time with some wonderful and enthusiastic artists including jason mclean and his family. as with most memorable occasions there was a fair amount of balloons...
mclean family balloon scene

later on that day some of us torontonians played some music in a house. i won't go into much detail and direct you here. one thing i will mention is that there was a bar a block away from the venue called the longhorn grill which is coincidentally my DJ name.
here is an excerpt of what i played that night -

Fleshton Aura 111003 London Excerpt
elfin choirs in londonbrain trust in london
elfin choirs multitasks (left), brain trust demonstrates "monster art dance" music (right)

(dj) longhorn grill(e)
i DJ'd a few nights ago at the hans-joachim roedelius show at the garrison. it went alright, but listening back to the recording i realize that you can hear some of the unwanted cuing sounds and so it essentially dead to me...
please do enjoy the fruits of my blunders:

first set

second set

third set

prepared piano at artscape gibraltar point
i spent some time doing a residency at gibraltar point on toronto island a while ago. the pieces that were started there are not completely finished but i can tell you that they include an A/V collaboration between exploding motor car and the amazing dancer minae omi, small indeterminate paintings and an album that is coming out soon on medusa editions as a split with brian ruryk. here is a sample of that:

fleshtone aura - gino's diarrhea excerpt

there's more too... sooner or later
in the meantime maybe you can tell me what this is supposed to be:
spider trash for monster mash